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If we ask you what you think about today's belly dance, what is your answer? Many people may say that this is the way the dancer twists their waist, but apart from that, has it surprised you with gorgeous costumes?

When you are practicing belly dancing, you don't have to wear a specific outfit. Any outfit will do as long as it is comfortable. There is also no rule that belly dancers must wear navel revealing clothing. Simple T-shirts and shorts, as well as a hip scarf, can be worn for practice.

Generally, no socks or shoes are worn for belly dancing. That's because in ancient times, dancing with bare feet was a way of paying homage to the gods, a custom that continues to this day. But if you put a scarf around your hips, you'll have more fun. The hip gauze towel that has adornment to have the metal piece, have the luxuriant visual sense not only and can be fused with belly dance music for an organic whole, build a distinctive, cheerful atmosphere.

So today we are going to briefly study the composition of belly dance costumes. In a formal performance, belly dancing or dress code. Belly dance dress usually consists of six parts: 1) crop top, 2) sequined hip chain, 3) low-waisted skirt or bloomers, 4) veil, 5) headdress, 6) accessories, etc. 


Can choose the style of short sleeve small unlined upper garment, had better short sleeve or sleeveless because wear a long sleeve to dance too hot and uncomfortable.

You can also embroider plain bras with pretty colored sequins and colorful beads, but choose strong bras because they won't hold the weight of the sequins when you dance. Nylon is best for sequins and beads, and an elastic thread is best for shoulder straps so you can stretch when dancing.


The effect that strengthens when dancing to move to feel, can be V form, can be a waveform, can compose goes up long bead chain below. The waist chain is usually four fingers below the navel and attached to the outside of a low-rise dress or bloomers.

Waist chain, the origin of the decorative pattern is very interesting, dancers jump before the ball hang receive gold COINS on waist or clothes, need to pick can be directly used, so the above ornaments tend to symbolize the dancer's popularity, enclose the towel in the hips, decorated with the pendant every do a crisp sound, make the dancer more excited.

Waist chain plays a quite crucial role in belly dance, the pendant chain that joins chatelaine, can follow the wriggle of the waist to dance, have the effect that makes the finishing point.


Maxi long dresses or bloomers are usually made of light, transparent fabrics such as silk and satin. It falls just below the navel and above the hips. The skirt should belong so that the movement will have a flowing feeling, the skirt can be made into a separate style, or only in the front parting, which is not only convenient for dancing but also can show the sexy.

Bloomers loose and strong sense of drape, starting from the hip to the ankle gradually into a bell shape, in the ankle up. In the Middle East, many women wear bloomers directly on the outside or as underpants under their skirts, which is a very common women's clothing.


The veil makes the dance more mysterious and exotic. The veil is usually two meters long and one and a half meters wide. It is made of transparent and light cloth.


Belly dancing headdresses often feature snakes. This is easy to explain because snakes are a symbol of seduction in the Middle East, and the seduction inspired belly dance is of course not without snake-like head ornaments, which are also designed with plasticity so that they can be used as bracelets.

The headdress that metal and gem mix material to pledges to be able to add belly dancer luxuriant breath, the price is to can be too heavy, by contrast, the headdress that cloth gives priority to is a lot lighter, and luxuriant index won’t because this reduces too much.


Accessories are also an important part of belly dance. Ornaments include bracelets, necklaces, waist chains, anklets, etc. In short, having as many of these bells and whistles as possible on all parts of the body makes the whole look more vibrant.
The necklace of belly dance has all sorts of styles, give priority to with marked, hyperbole mostly. Metal necklaces with silver as the main material are the best and of course the heaviest. The necklace with the clever part design still can use as a headdress. Armbands and bracelets, on the other hand, are colorful and require a large string to be worn at one time. Additional, anklet, umbilical annulus, and the dancing shoe also are illuminative key. Anklets can be commonly used with arm-rings, belly dance anklets will dance with the dancer's feet to send out a pleasant sound. The shoes were made of cloth, studded with shiny beads and flakes of metal, and set off the graceful ankles of the dancers. The umbilicus is free to choose as the dancer wishes.

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