Shimmy Into Shape: Burn Calories With Belly Dancing

By Vintagemode - September 30, 2019

If you are tired of going to the gym to always do the same, it probably is time to try new things. All women dream of having a body like Shakira's: outlined, toned and without excess weight. This can become a reality if you practice belly dancing, eat a balanced diet and have great willpower.

The movements performed during this dance work the entire muscles of the core section. There are very few exercises that manage to work the lower back, the waist, the pelvic floor and the abdomen at the same time, but belly dance is one of them. This dance is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that manages to tone the abdomen even after childbirth. The movements that focus on the muscles of the torso practiced regularly, manage to reduce the waist in a short time (without neglecting the diet).

 Some steps of this dance like the Twist Shimmy, which consists of making the hips move in torsion as fast as possible, represents a great challenge for the oblique and dorsal muscles, the same happens when the Maya step (also known as the figure eight hip movement) is being executed. If you have been practicing belly dance for a long time you can increase the degree of difficulty to the Maya passage, turning it into S-shaped side undulations. This puts the muscles of the torso to work to the fullest.

The step that combines hip movements that end in jumps not only work the waist area, it also tones the legs. Another step that serves to reduce the waist size, is the Egyptian hip drop and rise, its effectiveness lies in the work that must be done by raising a single hip and then drop it to the rhythm of the music. You must be careful so you won’t exceed the inclination of the pelvis. In this same order, the pendulum movements and the circles must be highlighted. The undulating steps of the navel serve to work the muscles of the diaphragm and the lower belly.  

If your belly looks very bulky you can improve its appearance by working the abdominal rectum, this is achieved with pelvic movements that involve a hip lift and lateral displacement. Belly Dance is recommended for all types of bodies and it can burn 250 to 300 calories per hour session.

In addition to toning the muscles of the abdomen, the pelvic floor also works and mobilizes all the abdominal organs, which little exercises do, and this is also good for combating constipation, which helps to eliminate retained toxins in the body. Belly dance eliminates the stress you accumulate during the day, develops your sense of rhythm and movement, raise your concentration and, most importantly, lose weight in a fun way. Still, you must remember that Belly Dancing doesn't compensate for poor dietary choices, binge drinking or a sedentary lifestyle, though. You have to be consistent and follow a healthy diet plan in order to achieve results. 

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