Ballet Shoe

By Vintagemode - October 16, 2019

The beauty of ballet is not only in the eyes of the audience but also in the hearts of every dancer. This is why we don't feel pain, or we are used to pain. A pair of dance shoes, recording each rub, every change, every fall, every pride, every real and happy day.

Girls' ballet shoes are divided into three categories. The first is soft shoes. Soft-soled shoes are also divided into two categories, full-sole and split-sole, as shown below. Shown. It is recommended that beginners wear a connected body. This instep has a better training effect. After the instep is more and more powerful, you can wear soft shoes with separate bottoms, and you can also show beautiful instep lines.

The second category is the demi-pointe shoe. Soft pointe shoes are rare in adult learning ballet. This is mainly the transitional shoes for professional dance students wearing point-to-point shoes. From the outside, it is the same as the pointe shoes, but because the soft pointe shoes do not have a hard sole stencil (shank), it is absolutely impossible to stand on the tip, otherwise, it is easy to get hurt.

The third category is everyone's favorite pointe shoe, which is also the shoes worn by dancers in the ballet performance. After a period of ballet training, female students can try toe shoes with strong enough ankle strength and muscles outside the thighs. Pointe shoes require strong ankle strength, external control, instep lines and a part of the natural leg type. Every student on the toe must be approved by the teacher and trained under the supervision of the teacher. It is easy to cause serious injury. Boys generally do not wear pointe shoes, except for some alternative choreographers.

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