10 most influential belly dancers

By Vintagemode - November 13, 2019

Belly dance is a popular form of traditional Arabic Dance that originated in Egypt, the land of pyramids. However, it has a deep-rooted history date backed from the Victorian age. Slowly it gained popularity across all the Middle Eastern countries and all over the world. It is basically a typical form of traditional folk dance. In this unique form of dance, the dancers dance along with the musical rhythm by moving their abdomen and body parts rhythmically. Thus, it is not an easy form of dance and requires vigorous training to master the art. There are some renowned and influential belly dancers around the world. They are able to showcase their talents to the world with amazing belly-dance performances. Over here is a list of ten most influential belly dancers of all time. Let’s begin our countdown and briefly learn about their achievements.

Shafiqa Al-Qibtiyya

Shafiqa Al-Qibtiyya was an Egyptian Belly dancer who uplifted this traditional form of dance to the next level. Since her childhood, she has wanted to become a dancer and has become one of the finest Belly dancers of all times. She became immensely popular in Egypt after she had started dancing at an Egyptian night club, El-Dorado. She was trained by Shooq, the first Egyptian Belly dancer. She became extremely rich and used to dance wearing shoes with golden heels in front of her audiences. This legendary belly dancer aspired others and played an important role in making this form of dance popular. 

Hekmet Fahmy

This legendary dancer was born in 1907. Initially, she aspired for becoming an actress and joined the Ali El Kassar theatre group. Slowly she realised her talent as a dancer and started performing at different night clubs in Cairo. Her remarkable dance performance at the Mary Mansour’s sala in Cairo used to attract thousands over there. Hekmet Fahmy is, therefore, a true legend and one of the most influential belly dancers. She died on 28th June 1974 but remembered until today for her artistic talents. 

Naima Akef 

Legendary belly dancer Naima Akef took her birth on October 7th, 1929, in Egypt. Her parents were acrobats in the famous Egyptian Akef Circus. It is from them she learned the belly dancing skills at an early age when she was just four years old. She started her professional dancing career at the age of fourteen and started performing at the Badia Masabni’s nightclub. Sooner she became a legendary belly dancer in Egypt and stepped into the film industry. Circus Girl, Tamr Henna, Hassan were some of the popular films where she worked. 

Badia Masabni

Belly Dancer Badia Masabni was born in Lebanon date backed in 1892. She was an extremely talented dancer and was popularly known as the belly dancing queen. She moved and settled down in Egypt after 1920. She was a renowned and influential belly dancer in the Egyptian elite society during her time.

Tahia Carioca

Tahia Carioca is another legendary and influential Egyptian belly dancer. For her exceptional dancing talents, she got a chance to work in films and completed over 150 movies during her lifetime. She was one of the most popular belly dancers in Egypt and is remembered until today.

Samia Gamal

Samia Gamal is another legendary belly dancer remembered for her exceptional dancing moves of hands and torso. In 1954 she worked for the legendary movie, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and became internationally famous.


Amani was a born belly dancer and charmed her fans with her exceptional dancing talents. At a later stage, she stepped into the film industry and had a successful acting career.

Rachel Brice

Rachel Brice's name as a successful and influential belly dancer is popular all over the world. She took part in several belly-dance competitions and kept the audience amazed with her Tribal Fusion Style dance.

Amelia Zidane

Born in Grenoble, France, Amelia Zidane is one of the most talented dancers. Her dancing style is a fusion between belly dance, hip hop and other oriental dance forms. She is also a choreographer and runs her own dancing troupes.

Alla Kushnir

Alla Kushnir is the greatest and the most popular Belly Dancer who won the Europe 2008, Miss Belly dance title. She is also the winner of the 2007 and 2008 belly dance championship held in Ukraine. She sets the stage on fire and is a fantasy to millions of her fan followers. 

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