Belly Dance Move for Beginners

By Vintagemode - December 09, 2019

Dancing is a form of expression. It is an art that men, women and non-binary gender individuals use to express themselves. Belly dancing originated in Egypt. Initially, this art form was used by women to celebrate and commend each other’s femininity. It was a rare form of celebration of beauty. Women would get together and perform when a fellow woman was pregnant or embracing an important stage in her life such as womanhood. Today, throughout the world belly dancing is revered as an art form. It takes practice, and conscious attention to peripheral movements of one’s body to execute dance moves.
If you are interested in learning a few moves of belly dancing, continue reading.
Belly dancing involves isolating body movements, such as the movements of the upper body and the lower body.  

Step # 1 Chest Slides 

Thinking of torso in two halves, the upper part consisting of your chest and the lower half below the chest.  Now, you have to stiffen up your bottom, keep the lower half still and imagine that your rib cage is sitting on a shelf – then you have to slide your rib cage from side to side. You might notice when you first try this that your lower half might move with your upper body movements, don’t worry. This move takes practice, but it is possible to be strong!

Step # 2 Sharp bump of the hip

Hip accents or the sharp bump of the hip involves stiffening your bottom and giving it a sharp jolt from side to side. It means that you are simultaneously stiffening your leg and letting loose the other one. However, it is important to note here that since belly dancing is mostly about isolated movements so you need to avoid snapping off the legs which might create sudden unpleasant shocks in the lower half of your body. The trick is to understand the center of gravity for this move, which lies somewhere between the torso, the glutes, and the lower abdomen. Once you get this point right, everything else becomes super easy. 

Step # 3 Hip Drop

Stand on your left foot and put the ball of the right foot on your front, keep the knee nice and close. Now, you have to pull the side of your glutes up and drop it down in a rhythmic pattern. The work of gravity will be very clear in this movement as the beads tied to your torso will make a chiming sound with every drop.
You want to avoid the bouncing movement from the top of the head to bottom when you are practicing this move – because belly dancing is the art of isolated movements that create a scenic picture of systematic vibrations that resonate from one part of the body to another, like a wave of current.
You can make a frame through your hands for this movement. Lift up your arm to the top of your head straight and steady and the other up to your shoulder.
There you have three essential moves for belly dancing.  

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