Why people fall in love with dance

By Vintagemode - December 18, 2019

"Dance is what has given me the most special moments in my life, it is a form of expression and thinking, a very hard discipline, of great dedication and very sacrificed, but that gives you a reward that, in my case, it is very difficult to supply other disciplines or art forms. " With these words, Antonio Najarro, the director of the National Ballet of Spain, defines what dance means to him. 

We dance to express ourselves. The dance is expression in movement. We communicate feelings, sensations, even opinions when we dance. All cultures dance. Historically and culturally we have always danced. By tradition or by rite, by hobby or by profession, movement and music have always been present in one way or another. In dance, there is rhythm, rite, connection, synchrony, body-mind interaction, there is expression. Dancing is living an experience of expression and communication that, at the same time, allows us to experience new sensations with the body, mind and spirit.

Dancing brings us multiple benefits, for health, for the spirit, for life; There are multiple definitions written about what dance is. It will never be a sport because it is an art, it is not to impress it is to express emotions that we have stuck through a small contemporary, lyrical movement. You can feel that freedom that you cannot express with words, only through dancing. The same goes for the question, why do we dance? In principle, the answer is very, very simple, we dance because we like to dance! Some go a little further and say “I dance because I love it!” The truth is that when we dance we disconnect a bit of worries and burdens from day to day, to connect with new experiences every day.

There are countless reasons why we dance, as many reasons as experiences, as dancers, as teachers and students. Everyone would support us by saying that dancing is a complete activity and that the feeling of joy and pleasure that it generates is related to the infinity of mind-body connections that we establish with ourselves and with the environment. At first it is a challenge, it seems difficult, then it becomes an infinitely pleasant activity, then it even becomes a passion. What matters most in dance, is that we enjoy those gifts we have acquired.

It is curious to see how many lives have changed thanks to dance. Without a doubt, people who dance look better than their peers of the same age, are more positive and stay younger in spirit. Even people who have found a path to follow. Many have found their way of life and work. This is the magic of dance. Dancing will teach you to never give up. It requires a lot of hope and faith in yourself; a faith that will get you back up if you fall down. It teaches you that if you work hard enough, it will pay off. The real question might be, who wouldn’t fall in love with dancing?

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