6 Movie scenes that show belly dance

By Vintagemode - January 01, 2020

Belly Dance, the traditional form of Arabic Dance gained immense popularity worldwide. This form of dance is no more confined to only nightclubs or as entertainment for private parties. There are so many popular and talented belly dancers all over the world. People like watching belly dance because of the unique way dancers move their body parts entertaining crowds. Due to the immense popularity, filmmakers from around the world decided to choreograph belly dance in movies. There are many popular movies around that show belly dance. Few of them are acted by renowned belly dancers and some are choreographed. Some movies are also golden hits of all time. Over here is a list of six such movie scenes that show belly dance and will refresh your memory about those movies.

The six movie scenes that show belly dance

The Man with the Golden Gun

Who doesn’t remember this all-time superhit, James Bond series movie - The Man with the Golden Gun. There were several belly dance scenes pictured and prominently highlighted throughout the movie. This is because the storyline was about an investigation on Saida, a popular belly dancer. Bond was investigating a murder case and in the movie, he went to see Saida’s belly dance performance. Thus, the movie pictured scenes that show belly dance.

Please Come Home

The second movie that reminds us of the belly dance scenes is Please Come Home. This was a comedy movie released in 1965. In this film, Shirley was portrayed as a belly dancer and has extensive belly dance scenes. This movie has been a big hit since its release.

Princess of the Nile

Princess of the Nile is another movie released in 1954. The entire movie was themed on belly dance and has several dancing scenes. The story was about an Egyptian princess Shalimar who was searching for a talented belly dancer for seducing the Prince Haidi. This is one of the movies that show belly dance prominently.


People definitely remember the movie, Salome which was released in 1953. This movie has a beautiful plot that revolved around sensual belly dance scenes. Although the main storyline of the movie was taken from the New Testament, it did not follow any biblical context.

Cairo Unveiled

The two famous filmmakers from New York, Simon and Goodman Picture Company prepared a documentary called, Cairo Unveiled. The entire movie showcased that belly dance is an important part of the Egyptian enriched culture. There were various belly dancing scenes in the movie. The filmmakers through this documentary tried to give the message that belly dance is the blood of every Egyptian girl.

Mr Wrong

This movie was released in 1996 picturing belly dance scenes for around ten minutes. The dance scene takes place inside a Moroccon hotel. It was a comedy movie and fun to watch.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt about the popularity of Belly Dance. Dancers from around the world learned belly dancing skills. Today movie scenes that show belly dance is common as the dancing pose is choreographed nicely in lots of movies.

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