Big news about belly dance around the world: Form where you can learn belly dance?

By Vintagemode - January 10, 2020

Belly dance grabbed the attention of so many people around the world. This traditional form of Arabic folk dance is no more restricted only to one country. Although its birthplace is in Egypt, this form of dance is recognized and appreciated all over the world. There are so many famous belly dancers with thousands of fans. Few are popular filmstars as well and acted in any movies on the silver screen. All these belly dancers inspired others to learn this unique form of dancing. 

However, if you are aspiring to learn Belly dance there are countries around the world where you can visit. This is one of the big news about belly dance around the world that you can visit and learn the unique dancing style from local dancers. Let’s list down the name of the countries from where you can learn belly dance.


Egypt is from where the belly dance took its birth. Thus, the name of Egypt is always on any big news about belly dance. Cairo and Luxor are two of the most important Egyptian cities where you can find some of the best Egyptian bellydancers. It is obvious you will also find some of the best Egyptian belly dancers in Egypt. Belly dancers like Dandasha, Randa Kamel, Dina and others are popular dancer and teacher. Their names are always in headlines because of their exceptional dance performances. There is news from Egypt that you can also watch amazing belly dance performances in many Egyptian deluxe hotels.


The name of Morocco is always in big news when we talk about belly dancing. Nora Fatehi, who is now an international figure in belly dancing, is from Morocco. If you visit Morocco, you can learn belly dancing while exploring the beautiful country. Morocco is a vibrant country where you can watch live belly dance performances in nightclubs and bars.

Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is always in news for its cultural heritage. It is also another country after Egypt having the roots of belly dance. Thus, whenever we speak about belly dance, Saudi Arabia’s name tops the list. Khaleeji is a modified form of belly dance you can watch over here. It is, therefore, a good opportunity for you to visit and learn this unique form of dance. This modified form of belly dance focuses on the dancer’s footwork which makes it different from traditional belly dance.


Greece is another country known for belly dancing. However, the greek form of belly dance is known as Tsifteteli which reflects a part of Greece enriched culture. If you visit Greece, you can hear the beautiful Tsifteteli music played all over the country.

Final Verdict

It is obvious there will be big news about belly dance around the world. The reason is, it is a beautiful form of dance having many modified styles according to the country’s culture. Over here there is a list of countries where you can visit and learn this unique dance. So, don’t miss the opportunity as learning this art from a local performer is always a unique experience.

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