How to choose belly dance costumes?

By Vintagemode - January 17, 2020

Costumes play an important role in belly dance. The dancer must wear comfortable costumes while dancing. The reason is in belly dance, there is a complete body movement like abdomen, hands and torso. The dancer should be absolutely comfortable while performing in front of the audience wearing their costumes. The dance costume must be of attractive colour for grabbing the attention of the audience. Thus size, shape and quality of the material are a few important factors for you to consider while you choose belly dance costumes. Let’s understand these factors elaborately. 

Choose the bra and belt carefully

The bra and belt are the two most important part in the belly dance costume that you choose. This tip is applicable to all new belly dance professional and old alike. Make sure that the bra you wear has a perfect fitting. You must also wear a metallic belt generally made with gold, silver, fringe, coins or any other metals. Your costume set must be of multicolour to keep the audience attracted.

Wear costume based on the location

You cannot buy and wear a standard belly dance costume everywhere. Therefore, you need keeping multiple sets of costumes ready for various occasions. If you are having a dance performance at any festivals, in a night club or restaurants wear bright coloured costumes. The reason is to attract the audience so that they notice you. Get your costume designed with colours like deep green, blue, etc. and wear them during such occasions.

Know your size properly

You must know the accurate size of your bra, band and cup before purchasing the belly dance costume. In case you get them at the wrong size, you cannot perform wearing them. You must also have an accurate length measurement for your skirts. It should neither be too long nor too short but preferably should be a straight-cut one.

Wear Perfect Sized Costumes

In belly dance, you need to attract the audience by showing your body movements. Therefore, it is important you wear perfect sized costumes. Lose or tight costumes, in either case, will spoil your dance performance. Therefore, take optimum care and adjust hooks or shorten the hem, if it’s needed.

Quality of cloth

It is extremely important you buy the belly dance costume made with good-quality cloth. On stage when you perform, your dress should not bother you. There are several moves which require you to concentrate on your dance. If you dance wearing comfortable and good quality costumes, you can concentrate completely on your dance performance.

Final Verdict

Buy and wear a belly dance costume that will give you a stunning look. Wearing a nice costume will catch crowds attention easily and make you feel good. Therefore apply the above tips to choose belly dance costumes.

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