7 Useful Tips for Belly Dance Exercises - Warming Up and Stretching

By Vintagemode - February 26, 2020

Belly dancing is not as easy as it seems. Aside from having regular practices, you must learn how to keep your body fit and “rolling” with some belly dance exercises such as stretching. When you stretch your body, it makes your body supple, alleviates the chances of injury, and raises possible motions that support fluid and expansive performance. If you would like to improve your belly dance game, you are best advised to perform some of the following belly dance exercises at least three times a week. Enjoy reading!

1. Take a Breath

Here is a simple yet effective warming up exercise. Simply stretch your arms towards the side, and lift them over your head slowly. Now, breathe deeply. Once your hands meet at the top, endeavour to breathe for a few seconds, before dropping the arms slowly. As you do so, ensure that you exhale – you can repeat the process for like five to six times.

You may close your eyes to enhance the quality of the exercise. While at it, try to feel the energy that drives into your body as you inhale and relish how it generates strength. While inhaling, imagine your body tensions reducing as you feel calm and relaxed.

2. Stretch Your Body

Move up your left arm over your head as high as possible, then count one to six. Bring down your left arm, then perform the same process using your right arm. Stretch your arms properly as if you want to pluck a fruit from a tree. While both of your feet balanced on the floor, endeavour to stretch each side of your body to the maximum.

3. Active Hip Flexor Stretch

With this stretch, you can build a considerable strength in your legs and abs. Also, the strength can be used to open up your hip flexor. Considering that hip flexors are usually tight and cranky, you have to stretch them to become healthily flexible and long. As you stretch, ensure that your hips remain square as it will help enhance muscle balance, improve hip flexibility, and helps develop a strong bum.

4. Standing Lateral Stretch

Another beneficial warm-up for belly dancers is the standing lateral stretch. For hip work and rib cage isolations, a belly dance needs lengthened body sides. As you stand laterally and stretch, the obliques and exterior hips will increase in length while the muscles for movement control will be strengthened. Also, with long, strong side muscles, you will experience improved backbends.

5. Stretch Your Back

First off, you should stretch your two hands out to the side, then bend forward as you turn to the left. Ensure that your legs remain straight. Keep the stretch for a few seconds once your head, neck, and back reach a horizontal position. Now, bring down your head towards your left knee, then allow your arms to fall to the floor. Count 1 to 3 and rise again. Perform the exercise with your right side, too.

Refrain from forcing your head to touch your knee if you can’t do it during the first time. Simply move the head towards your knee as much as can without pain. As you repeat the exercise, your flexibility will increase.

6. Roll Your Shoulders

Shoulder-rolling begins by raising both shoulders upward, then backward before bringing them down. Afterward, you should move them forward. Perform the process as if you are making a circle. Repeat the exercise six times. For those who are more experienced as a dancer, they might prefer alternating the shoulder rolls by changing the direction.

7. Side-Lying Quad Stretch

To start warming up for your belly dance, you can stretch your quadriceps and hips. However, bear in mind that stretching your quads excessively will pressurize your knees. Performing side-lying helps stretch your quad gently as no weight will be placed on the knee. It works by isolating the muscle and supporting the joint better than the conventional standing quad stretch.


Whether you are planning to hold a stage performance or you simply wish to roll and twist a few times at home, endeavour to perform some of the warm-ups and stretches listed herein. It will help improve your body suppleness and enhance your performance.

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