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Belly dance is a form of traditional rhythmic dance. The dancers move their different body parts, mainly the abdomen and torso along with the musical beat. It is definitely a challenging form of dance and requires a lot of practice to master the art. 

The Rhythm of Belly Dance is actually a form of middle eastern music. The music for belly dancing follows specific rhythmic patterns which the dancers incorporate while giving the performances. Another interesting point to note is, the musicians also increase the tempo as the dance progress. The musical rhythm’s speed increases from slow to intense as the dance progresses. We will explain in detail about the rhythm of belly dance. 

The Beledi Rhythm

Egyptian drummers define the Beledi Rhythm as Maqsoum. There is a unique drumbeat played in the background. In any kind of belly dance, this is the most common form of musical rhythm played in the background. This particular Rhythm of Belly Dance is a fusion of Arabic pop and classical Egyptian music. The Beledi Rhythm beat goes like 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & and so on.

The Ciftetelli Rhythm

The Ciftetelli Rhythm is a unique kind of music played during the belly dance. This is a beautiful form of rhythmic music where on stage several live musicians perform together. Various kinds of instruments are played slowly in groups as the dancer performs the dance performance. The Ciftetelli Rhythm gradually speeds up its tempo and beats as the dancer performs. The belly dancer follows the rhythm pattern and keeps dancing. This is generally a four-count rhythm.

The Kashlima rhythm

This is another form of popular rhythm played while the dancer performs her belly dancing show. The Kashlima rhythm or Khaleeji rhythm is basically 9/8 rhythms and is commonly played across the entire middle eastern region. This rhythm is a popular form of Arabic dance and used on several dancing platforms. This rhythm is however modified across the entire Persian Gulf States. This is a medium speed rhythm were the musician’s play heavy drum beats played in 4/4 rhythmic accents.

Final Verdict
There is no doubt that the rhythm of belly dance is unique. These form a part of the Arabic culture and this beautiful music can easily grab the audience attraction. These rhythms are played during the dance performance show of the dancer. It definitely makes the belly dance performance attractive to see. 

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