How to dance Taqsim?

By Vintagemode - April 15, 2020

Taqsim is an Arabic form of dance. To be able to dance Taqsim it is essential to understand the flow of Arabic music. Not knowing Arabic music makes it quite a challenge. It takes a junk of your time to get used to the rhythms of Arabic music and appreciate it. It's slow.

As dancers to Western music that is quite fast and you have to keep up with every beat of it to express every note of the music, it would be a little bit of a hurdle to move to the slow Arabic music, where you need to let the music absorb you. It brings a certain level of mindfulness to the dance. As they say, everything becomes your forte if you have sheer willpower and eagerness to do it.

Persistence, dedication, sheer willpower, curiosity, and practice is what you require to master Taqsim.

How to dance a Taqsim?

1. Take a deep breath, calm your nerves, bring all the focus to the music, get completely absorbed in the music. Understand the mood and flow of music. Arabic music allows you to take pauses, incorporate it well in your dance.

2. Once you have got the mood and rhythm of the music, you know it's melodious and slow. This kind of music requires slow and soft moves and not energetic and edgy grooves. Your routine should complement the music. The vibe should be similar. Your dance and the music needs to emote the same level of frequency for the audience to enjoy the performance.

3. The movements have to be soft so a little bit of hip shimmies, moving in circles. Try not to leave your spot. Make sure your dance doesn't have a sharp accent. Little bit, here and there, won't cause much trouble. Your main aim is to not be loud with your steps. Everything needs to appear even.

4. Some of the musical instruments used are- accordion, drums,flute. The tone of the dance needs to change accordingly, sweep your belly and hips softly on the music lent by accordion. Fluid arm movements on flute. And let your dance catch a sharp accent during drums being played.

5. Taqsim requires practice, it's important to be well versed in the choreography. Incase you forget it on the performance day, improvise a bit, without losing track of the slow rhythm. Don't miss the uniformity. Everything needs to appear even.

Taqsim is a slow dance. It has a music that calms you and takes to an internal journey of introspection and retrospection. The energy of the music flows inwards, to nail at Taqsim, it's important to ride the energy and maintain the same frequency.

For someone not familiar with Arabic music, dancing a Taqsim can be challenging, so relax and let the music sink in. Understand the tonality of the music. The music brings out emotions, the dance needs to complement the emotion.

Moves need to be effortless and impart the tone and emotion of the music.Take pauses well incorporated into the dance routine. Put the stage of fire with grace and elegance. 

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