How to show dance for a wedding - Easy steps for beginners

By Vintagemode - April 08, 2020

Whether you are preparing for a wedding, life celebration, or birthday bash, knowing how to make basic dance steps is beneficial. Sometimes, dancing is a priceless method for improving one’s mood. You can even clear negative thoughts off your mind with nice music and a few simple dance steps.

If dance can help lift our moods, then what about your wedding day when you need to be in “fine form” and joyous mood? In such a moment, you should be able to pull off some subtle dance moves to entertain yourself, guests, and most notably, your spouse.

However, there are different dance styles. While some require a few complicated steps, others do not take more than a few easy steps to give a good performance. Perhaps it is only a few months at your wedding, and you would like to show dance with your lovely partner during the big moment. Then, endeavor to consider the following easy steps for beginners.

1.Fundamental Side Move

Regardless of the song, the basic side step will suit any tune. More so, it is easy to learn. You can easily move your sides slowly to slower songs, or try to catch up with the tempo of the song. The basic side move allows you to swerve gently with your partner or even perform a solo dance. Whether you are dancing with your spouse or alone, you simply need to move to the beat with your feet. The more you practice side move, the better you would become.

2.The right turn

After mastering the fundamental side move, you can proceed to the right turn. If you are performing with your spouse, it’s essential to keep to the rhythm and signal to him/her once it is time to make the turn. As the leader during the dance, ensure that you lead with confidence. With a simple right turn, you can wow your audience.

3.The classic Waltz

Don’t be surprised if a waltz song comes up during your wedding; it’s common. If you ever find yourself in such moments, you should perform a simple box step move, just like the PE ballroom dance during grade school. Don’t be shy to surprise your partner with a set of box steps and turning patterns such as the right turn.

4.The Under-arm Turn

Getting your partner to turn right under your arm is one of the most exciting parts of a couple-dance. A single spin is simple and fun. Simply raise your arm over and turn your spouse around. Under-arm turn is an extension of classic Waltz, so feel free to perform this move after a few box steps – it’s a fascinating way to impress your spouse and your guests.

5.The Dip

A fancy dip is like the cherry on your wedding cake, literarily. Endeavour to round up your exciting dance with an impressive dip. Although some tend to be fearful of getting a dip wrong, it is a fairly safe move as long as you use the right posture and position. Try the pose together with your partner before the big day; it will help boost your confidence.


Before we conclude, while dancing on your wedding day, feel free to express yourself with the basic steps above. As a beginner, you can get a dance instructor to practice the moves together with your spouse.

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