Amar Gamal

By Vintagemode - May 20, 2020

Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1975, Amar Gamal is a belly dancer to look out for. As interesting and fascinating is the middle-eastern dance, so are those who excel in the art. The dancers sure prove a feast for the eye to behold with their perfect movements. Such a belly dancing personality is Amar Gamal.

Amar Gamal immigrated to the US while still a child. Most of Gamal’s childhood and teenage years were spent in Miami and Florida. She started training as a belly dancer at the age of thirteen with Mid-Eastern Dance Exchange Company based in Miami Beach under the direction of dance legend Tamalyn Dallal. Later, she was the first dancer to audition with belly dancing techniques and was accepted at the New World School of the Arts' Performing Arts School. At the dance school, she trained in belly dancing and other dance forms like ballet, jazz, flamenco, tap and modern. From there, she went on to dance for five different dance companies.

After graduating with a degree in psychology, Gamal got an opportunity to perform in NFL's Super Bowl XXIX in 1995. This was the turning point in her career. In 1996, she won the “Miss World of Belly dancing” contest. Her influence has been growing since then. She has won numerous titles including the Ms. America and Ms. Egypt competition.

Her celebrity kept on growing in the 1990s further. In 1998, Amar co-founded Bellyqueen, a belly dance company based in New York along with her dance partner Kaeshi. This dance company toured the US, Canada and Europe from 2006-2009. She also founded the Bellydance Superstars, a belly dance touring company which was world-renowned for touring internationally. She has performed in numerous countries across America and Europe including the Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Costa Rica after having won many awards and recognition for her dancing.

Besides being a belly dancing superstar, Amar Gamal is also a belly dancing teacher in various countries. Her dancing style is very unique and graceful in that she becomes the emotions she tries to convey. The way Gamal performs the hip movements is commendable. Every aspect of her dancing is so admirable that she has become the most popular belly dancer across the world. Her grace and popularity have such an effect that every aspiring belly dancer wants to learn from her. And she is also the most sought after performer worldwide. To add more stars to her presence in the belly dancing scenario, she already instructs several students and has taught students from Los Angeles, San Francisco, California, Argentina before. She teaches her students with the same dedication as in her dancing. She has had the privilege of being an invited guest teacher and performer in various countries across the globe.

Even though Amar is a Cuban,  she has managed to instil the middle-eastern vibe by means of her Cuban influence, which is the essence of belly dancing, besides the dynamic “Latiness” that delight her fans all over the world.

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