The Spirituality Of Belly Dancing

By Vintagemode - May 06, 2020

More than merely an expressionist art form, belly dance has a spiritual appeal to it. Originating in ancient Egypt, this dance form is practised across the world with some minor variations. Flexible body movements are connected to the chakras (energy centres) of the body. This is the main principle behind yoga. As such, it is not irrelevant to liken belly dance to meditation.

For women, belly dancing is a celebration of their sexuality. The curves are perfectly suited for moving their body while releasing the stored tensions,  heightening awareness and supporting spiritual unfolding. What may seem like any other dance form is just another way of exploring the possibilities of the body. While meditation allows to explore the mind through relaxation, belly dancing allows the exploration of the body. Belly dancing is related to the body-gravity adjustment for attaining the correct postural alignment. This inner relaxation forms the foundation of the dance for even the most tense and energetic movements. Such relaxation can be the key to divine inspiration and an understanding in the art that comes from soul.

Emotions and thoughts expressed during the dance are a path for spiritual manifestation. The coordinated movements are meant to help the dancer reflect upon the body and soul. Dancers who believe in the soul and energy while prioritizing spirituality in their lives consider belly dancing a spiritual practice. Spirituality in belly dancing is attained when dancers let go of the worries and cares. That is when they experience connections with the world. The dance itself is known to facilitate such experiences of the soul along with the environment in which one dances.

As a spiritual activity, belly dancing quietens the mind and usually serves as a ritual or a form of worship. Apart from building the leg strength and torso muscles, it is an engaging pursuit. Those who practice it regularly find it easy to express themselves that they would not be able to in everyday language. This is chiefly characteristic of other spiritual activities like yoga and meditation. Unlike them, belly dancing sets a mood for spirituality. People are able to better connect themselves to their higher selves.

Just like any other healing process, belly dancing is known to heal illnesses of the mind. Anxiety and depression, which are not a new phenomena of today’s world, can be effectively cured with the dance form. It gives the opportunity to look deep into yourself while trying to coordinate the torso and hip movements. The liberating body moves and the unique experience give the dancer a more positive image of their body and helps them see themselves in a better light. This stream of positivity can also be experienced with other spiritual activities but the effect is magnified by the thousand times in belly dancing. Dancing distracts one from the more stressful aspects and gives him more moments of self evaluation. Thus, belly dancing is more spiritual than artistic and that has made it a cure for the matters of the soul.

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