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By Vintagemode - July 08, 2020

Belly dance, also introduced as Arabic dance which means oriental dancing is an expressionistic type of dance that originated in Egypt. It is also known as the dance that highlights complex movements of the Torso. It has made its headway to take many different forms depending on the country and religion. You will be amazed to know that its costume and dance style with Egyptian style is famous around the globe. It is primarily a torso-driven dance with an emphasis on formulation of the hips.

The costume most commonly associated with this dance form is ‘Bedlah Style', which includes a fitted blouse or bra, a very finely shaped hip belt and a full-length skirt or harem pants. The most common places where these costumes are found or are designed are: Egypt where they alternatively wear a dress with mesh-filled cut out, costumes in Lebanon where the skirts tends to be more sheer than Egyptian outfits and costumes in Turkey where the features include a V-shaped or triangular belt contoured around top edge filled with beaded fringing on both the bra and the belt. There are diverse options to style your own belly dance costumes.

Whether you are a professional belly dancer or you’re just looking for a great outfit for your next costume party, there are many wonderful belly dance costumes available online. Knowing where to shop and the options available from each retailer can take the guesswork out of finding the perfect look. A performance-quality dance costume needs to be well made and beautifully styled. You may buy parts of your costume separately rather than purchasing a complete outfit, or you can also buy a whole costume in a matching colour scheme. 

The following are some listed online places where retailers specialize in quality professional belly dance costumes.

Dancing Rehana
The belly dance shop
Dahlal Internationale 
Miss belly dance
Amazon. Com
Sharif wear
Pinterest (to get ideas)

It’s easy to find that perfect costume, whether you need a look for your professional belly dancing or something to turn heads at a party. An important part of any great belly dance performance is having the right belly dance costume. When you love the costume you’re wearing, not only will you captivate your audience but you will feel like a star! So, grab any outfit which best suits you and make your belly dance steal the show like never before.

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