Tips and Tricks to help you kill your first belly dance solo!

By Vintagemode - July 22, 2020

Belly dance also called Arabic dance originated in the lands of pyramids Egypt. It is associated with complex torso movements.

To nail your first solo belly dance following are some tips.

Confidence is the key. if you are confident you are already halfway through. Feel comfortable. Enjoy your music. Know the music. Breathe,  it's very important to maintain your calm during these times because it's going to be your first performance. You would always want your first performance to be memorable.

There would be a lot of emotions running through your bloodstream but try to be calm. Take deep breaths. To be comfortable and confident on the day of performance it's really important that you are thorough with the choreography. You have practiced a lot of times not to be exaggerated, but the practice and the memory of it needs to be, as strong as if even in sleep you are made to tap your feet you do it impeccably.

Practice in your performance outfit several times to make sure it's fit, it's comfy most importantly doesn't fall off or come undone.

Live in the moment, don't think about your performance march, how the audience is going to react, how your performance will be welcomed, just go with the flow, believe in yourself, climb up the stage, rock the floor. The firsts are always special, this first belly dance performance you will be giving will always stay with you.

Let the music just consume you. You should have practiced tons of time, you are so well versed with the choreography so let yourself just enjoy the music, move to it, groove to it. Congratulate yourself because it takes an immense amount of courage to start a new art form, give in yourself to it, learn it to the best level, and then stand in front of hundreds of thousands of people to perform.

You might get conscious of how you look, that is, how you come out when you are performing. Don't give it thought just put a smile on your face and act it out confidently. Belly dance is an art form that has got sass and elegance. Keep all your tensions, worries, insecurities, inhibitions aside, and roll on the stage gracefully.

The core of it is the practice. Practice, practice, practice and you are good to go. While doing practice make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Anything which is done with a smile is a good return of investment. Worries, Tensions, and doubts are not going to take you anywhere. Don't doubt yourself.

If you miss out on a move a step or lose the track of music. Do not panic. Catch the next beat and let the show go on. If the show doesn't go as you planned, you messed it up a bit. Do not worry, get up, get going, your next performance is going to be great for sure.

Shoo the nervousness away, take heart from your seniors, they have done it, you can do it. Go perform and nail it, in front of the audience as they did.

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