Belly Dance Makeup Ideas

By Vintagemode - August 05, 2020

As a belly dancing performer, you are supposed to entertain your audience with your complete look, which includes everything from makeup, clothes, hair, accessories and overall styling. As it is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression so if you won't look like a belly dancer you won't be recognised as one.

Makeup being a huge huge part of your appearance as a performer needs to be done right. A performer is first judged by his looks and then by his art. So if you are a beginner who wants to learn or if you are a seasoned performer who wants to brush up his/her makeup skills, we have got all of it covered. Today, we'll be sharing some of the fresh techniques and innovative makeup ideas for belly dancing -

Eyes -

Eyes grab the most amount of attention of the viewer when first looked at. It's something that captivates him into the personality of the performer. Doing it wrong will be a big no no.

All of us have those old business cards lying around here and there. Right? This is the right time to make use of them doing your eye makeup.

Step 1 - Top edge of the business card should be placed at the outer corner of your eye in such a way that it helps to create a continuation line from your bottom eyelid.

Step 2 - Now following the path of the card, draw a line using an eyeliner. 1-3cm is the best length that we recommend but everyone's eye's shape and size is different so work it out a number of times to discover what looks best on you !

Step 3 - This is the easiest step where you just need to continue along your upper eyelid and continue the same line till you reach the inner corner of your eye. Now, you can either fill in the outer corner of the eye to make it look softer and curvier or you can also leave it as it is, giving it a sharp and angular look. Business cards will do the job both ways and give you the best cat eye retro eye makeup.

Cheeks -

So this is one of the most important steps of makeup which is contouring your cheeks. The stage light usually tends to eliminate the natural shadows on your face and make it appear blank.

You should add shadows by creating a line on your cheek using the same business card to enhance the depth of your cheekbone and increase the visibility of the expression on your face while performing belly dance.

Doing cheeks includes 3 steps - Contouring, adding blush and highlighting.

Step 1 - Place the top edge of the business card in such a way that it makes a line from the centre of your ear to the corner of your mouth along your cheekbone. Now using a large fluffy brush, apply the contour powder or the directly use a contour stick and create a clean contour line. This will accentuate your cheekbones on stage.

Step 2 - Now all you need to do is just smile and add some flush of colour to your face by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Step 3 - A highlighter is usually applied above the blush. But you can also apply it on your blush to make it shine even more and take it to the outer corners of your eyes and blend it towards your temples for a beautiful glow.

Lips -

Lips, it's something that can either make or break your whole makeup look. Lipstick combines the whole face makeup together and makes it look complete.

Step 1 - Use a lip liner of either the similar colour as your lipstick or a nude colour works with everything. Overline your lips a little with the lipstick to make them look fuller and better.

Step 2 - Now pick up your lipstick and fill in your lips evenly.

Step 3 - Top it up with a lip gloss for added effect.

And this completes your whole makeup look and you are ready to dazzle your audience with your face expressions and killer dance moves. Remember, you can always play around with your makeup and try different looks.

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