By Vintagemode - August 19, 2020


Conventionally, it is believed that if you need a better abdomen area - hit the gyms. It is true that doing planks and pilates does help you to tighten your belly, but it is no doubt that it can become a bit boring with time.

Therefore, many people choose a rather interesting way of sweating it off, which is dancing. Dancing is indeed a great way of doing cardio, improving your posture and flexibility, and staying fit. However, if you have your goal is to reach a specific body type, and focus on certain parts of the body, dancing cannot be the most helpful method of doing so.

Similarly, most people have this misconception about the famous form of dancing called ‘Belly Dancing’ that it helps you to lose the fat present there in your stomach. Although it is true that belly dancing gives you a strengthened core and stronger abs, but if your goal is to get rid of the flab above them, doing targeted workouts and exercises is what is going to give you the best result.

One thing that must be kept in mind by everyone is that there is a difference between getting six pack abs and losing weight. Although belly dancing cannot promise you abs, it does help you to lose weight if you are persistent and regular with the routine and the diet. Another important fact to add here is that you might not lose belly, but you can definitely fall in love with your belly as you fall in love with the dance. When you enjoy your moves as you practise regularly, you automatically love the way your body looks and feel good about it. You start to feel good about your health and fitness that is undoubtedly guaranteed by belly dancing and you no longer care about the biscuits in your belly.

Improved flexibility and postures, better sleep, glowing skin, a regular sleep cycle, a stress free lifestyle, and increased production of endorphins makes you happier day by day as you continue with this dance form. Not to forget the hundreds of calories you’d be burning, the sharpened memory you’ll be developing, and a different perspective and more positive perspective to life that you will be experiencing.

In many places, belly dancing  receives uncomplimentary tags. Other traditional dance forms like ‘bharatnatyam’ and ‘kathak’ are chosen by most Indian families for their daughters, especially the Brahmin households. It is the fear of crowd’s and society’s mentality about the aesthetic value of the art that makes families rethink. However, with its presence in India since the past eight years an improvement in this very conception is taking place as more number of enthusiasts are turning up to learn this dance form. One more matter of concern is the discouragement that males receive in general for  developing an interest in it. Another misconception about belly dancing is it being a gender specific dance form. Famous and inspirational dancers like Ibrahim Akef and Khaled Mahmoud should be given as examples and introduced in front of young boys as well for them to explore this amazing field of dance.

Believed to have originated in the middle east, belly dancing might not be the key that will lead you to your fantasy world of six pack abs but remember, the B there is for BENEFITS! It might give you more than you want and make you reach your ultimate goal of happiness.

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